Britain is the coolest place on the planet but for the first time, British people over 40 years old are more stylish in every respect than British people under 40. We dress better, we have superior taste in music and we’re better at dancing. The bizarre thing is, very little is aimed squarely at this ageing group. We’re here to change that.

British Ideas Corporation was started by journalist Lee Gale as the antithesis to the increasingly US-packed print magazines on sale in this country. Most of Britain’s under-40s know more about Jay-Z (pronounced Jay-“Zed” on this side of the Atlantic), 50 Cent and Puff Daddy than they do about Factory Records, The Specials and The Jam. But for Britain’s middle-aged, it’s far more interesting to read about cultural occurrences in London, Manchester and Sheffield (past and present) than it is to trawl through endless articles about New York, LA and Tokyo.

Assisting the venture is Technical Director Emma Gale, whose nose is usually in a book about CSS or WordPress. Our logo is the work of Paul Aarons, former art editor of VOX magazine and now a design bigwig in the US, but whose heart will forever be in a London club watching Underworld in 1995.

So if you appreciate Withnail & I, Porridge, 2 Tone, Jack Charlton, The Jam, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, Factory Records, Dr Martens, Siegfried Farnon, Morecambe & Wise, The Fall, Kes, Mark & Lard, The Specials, James Bond, Dr Who, Commando comics, Fred Perry, electricity pylons, Bill Shankly, Siouxsie Sioux, John Shuttleworth, sandcastles, Madness, BBC4, whisky macs, the Avro Lancaster, The Prisoner, The Stone Roses and biscuits, you might enjoy British Ideas Corporation.