Attach bayonet!

BIC logo

So a number of people on Facebook, quite rightly, have brought to our attention that the British Ideas Corporation logo, a lightbulb with a Union Jack fastened to the filament, is an Edison screw and not a British Empire bayonet.

To divulge… Having already printed up a tester, 34-page British Ideas Corporation magazine for Festival No.6 in Wales in 2014 (and camped onsite for three nights in ridiculously damp conditions), we ended up bringing quite a few issues back with us largely because it’s difficult to give away 3,000 magazines.

A week later, once the hangover had passed, I went to a family function and quickly settled in to my usual seat next to Vic, stepfather of my brother-in-law, a former merchant seaman (Suez Crisis-era). After Vic had finished his first glass of red wine, I presented the British Ideas Corporation x Festival No.6 issue to him – I’m not sure why; he’s at least 20 years outside our ideal demographic and as far as I could ascertain, he was no fan of New Order or The Fall. He spotted the lightbulb fit before even starting his second glass of Cab Sauv. ‘That’s an Edison, I thought you said you were British,’ he calmly stated. I knew the logo had to change.

So the logo you see here is still the official one we use while we get a V2 designed. Be aware that we know the fit is an Edison and it needs to be a bayonet. I’m glad that our FB followers are knowledgeable about such things – it matters. These are the sort of people we aim to please.

Speaking of FB followers, we just broke through the 30,000 barrier and, seemingly aided by a lengthy and rather dreary Easter holiday due to storms rolling in one after the other (and no Escape To Victory!), we picked up another 1,000 followers on Saturday alone. Next week, we shift up a gear in our quest to get this website looking shipshape. We’ll obviously show seadog Vic when it’s done. He’s now our Quality Control Officer.


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