Bayonet attached!

bic logo
Design: Paul Aarons

The logo was updated today. The designer of this, Paul Aarons, has now added the British Empire bayonet fit rather than the American Edison screw. We could have been really modern and gone for an IKEA-type miniature halogen capsule, but where’s the fun in that? Anyway, that’s enough logo and bulb-fit chat for now.

We also went to see a T-shirt manufacturer today – British Born Tees in Enfield (, a company that, rightly, still refers to its home county as Middlesex. We should have some BIC-branded T-shirts in the coming weeks with Aarons’ new logo on it. British Born Tees also does a rather spectacular Bullseye (old darts TV show) T-shirt that we may need to own very soon.

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