Be seeing you

So we’ve had the British Ideas Corporation website concept on a back burner for a while, but with over 30,000 followers on our Facebook page, we thought the time was right to make the transition to our own online space. That’s what we’re working on at the moment.

British Ideas Corporation will be a venue for anyone with an interest in the cooler elements of British culture (think Porridge, Factory Records, 1980s Coronation Street, Avro Lancasters, Tiswas, Trainspotting (the book/film), The KLF, Kevin Keegan, The Specials, Mark and Lard, John Shuttleworth, Mark E Smith, Edwyn Collins, Billy Liar, Shakin’ Stevens, Admiral football kits, Madness) with images, clips, new stories, old stories lifted from defunct magazines, interviews and hopefully radio shows from the past. Take a look at our Facebook page to get a feel of what we do:

For more info, or to advertise on our launch, contact Lee Gale on

As No.6 in The Prisoner once said, ‘Be seeing you.’

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