It’s not a website, it’s a blog (at the moment)

A website is coming, but for now, while it’s being made, being designed, I thought I’d keep you up-to-date with what’s happening and what we’re doing (especially as the FB page told us we had three website clicks today).

When New Order were making Power Corruption And Lies and Lowlife, technology was changing so quickly that they’d buy new synthesizers, read the manuals and use them instantly on their albums. The studio became a stack of manuals, and I wish a picture of that existed. That’s basically what we’re doing with this website. Our background is print – magazines. Websites are new to us, but we’ve got loads of books out from the library and we’re reading them voraciously.

Our original intention was to make British Ideas Corporation into a print mag. We even made a tester version of the magazine and gave it away free at Festival No.6 in 2014. It proved a useful rectangle to sit on damp grass while consuming pints. Even so, it was pretty good inside – our columnists were Mark E Smith, Shakin’ Stevens, Howard Wakefield and Graham Fellows, with contributions from Bez, Edwyn Collins, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris.

Nobody was biting our hand off to help develop this magazine. We were told that Edwyn Collins was niche and that nobody had heard of Mark E Smith. We were like, ‘Wha… wha… how DARE YOU!’ Trying to bring in cash-rich investors was a mistake. Approaching magazine publishers was even worse. They have no understanding of the public or what they enjoy. We want to entertain people and to give a few opinions along the way. But if you want a job done properly, do it yourself. Heck, look at the time. Gotta go – here’s the cover of our Festival No.6 mag to look at. Ta-ra for now.

FN6_1_Cover_p1 copy

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